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PDP president requests status referendum for Puerto Rico in UN speech

By on June 19, 2017

PDP President Héctor Ferrer called the June 11 status referendum a ‘rigged’ process designed to create a ‘fictitious majority’ for statehood. (Felipe Torres/CB)

SAN JUAN – Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President Héctor Ferrer on Monday filed testimony before the United Nations’ Special Committee on Decolonization in which he urged the UN to promote a status referendum on the island with federal approval, he said Monday.

“In order to solve the problem of status, a real and incontrovertible ‘Statehood: Yes or No?’ referendum must be convoked, federally endorsed. I call on you to support this path and to participate in that process, as observers and guardians of morality and international legality. I assure you that, after such a plebiscite, the voice of Puerto Rico will be heard clearly and strongly, without the need for any interpretation,” reads part of Ferrer’s written deposition.

“The people of Puerto Rico cannot continue to be subjected to irrelevant referendums, rituals or inconsequential annual pilgrimages. All of us—Puerto Rico, the U.S. and the international community—have the obligation and responsibility to procure new paths to advance the cause of Puerto Rican self-determination,” he added.

In addition, he called upon the UN body to raise the case of Puerto Rico with the International Court of Justice so the entity’s top legal body, in accordance with its authority to issue advisory opinions, contributes to assert Puerto Rican self-determination under applicable international law .

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