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PDP Rep requests caucus after 3Commglobal audit

By on September 8, 2016

Representative Luis Vega Ramos requested yesterday to House Internal President Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras to summon a meeting with the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) caucus to smooth things and discuss the results of the two audits–one internal and one external–about the contracts with 3Comm Global for a switchboard installation.

The legislator said that in a brief conversation with Rivera Ruiz de Porras he additionally petitioned him to reinstate the administrative order that obligated the performance of needs assessments prior to any House contract. This order was derogated during the past administration, under the presidency of New Progressive Party (NPP) Resident Commissioner candidate Jenniffer González.

(NotiCel / File)

PDP Rep. Luis Vega Ramos requested a caucus to discuss the results of the two audits relating to the House’s contracts with 3Comm Global. (NotiCel / File)

“I asked [Rivera Ruiz de Porras], on personal title, to defend the House institution and his own reputation and not to defend nothing or anyone else,” expressed Vega Ramos regarding his third request to the current president. He informed to Caribbean Business that he hopes to thoroughly address the issues in a meeting that will possibly be held this afternoon.

Vega Ramos is one of the seven legislators that did not favor Rivera Ruiz de Porras as House president in property due, among other things, the lack of release of the 3Comm Global contract audits. 3Comm belongs to convicted PDP former fundraiser Anaudi Hernández Pérez, who is testifying in a government corruption trial.

The audits were published yesterday in a press conference and they revealed severe deficiencies within the House, such as the absence of a needs assessment prior to granting a contract, the contract of a company inexperienced in telecommunications, and lack of controls to certify the contract’s compliance.

NPP criticizes audits and requests Comptroller intervention 

On the other hand, González, NPP spokesperson in the House, criticized the audits results, considering “far from reality because they reveal personnel flaws but “not of corruption”, when “two high-ranking [House] officials, as well as contractors, had already declared guilty for these acts.”

“The minimum result of this audit couldn’t be less than what had already been ventilated in the trial related to these facts. I’ve requested to the Comptroller Office to intervene and intimidate an audit that must include the questions that haven’t been attended,” declared the representative.

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