Friday, June 25, 2021

PDP Rep Resigns to Become Guayanilla Mayor

By on January 25, 2016

SAN JUAN – Rep. Nelson Torres Yordán will be sworn in Friday as mayor of Guayanilla after resigning his seat in the House of Representatives, effective Thursday.

Guayanilla’s Popular Democratic Party (PDP) delegates voted unanimously Saturday for his candidacy as mayor, the legislator confirmed.

Torres Yordán, 34, will replace convicted Mayor Edgardo Arlequín, who was sentenced in December for sexual harassment and illegitimate use of public power to obtain a benefit.

Following strong pressure from the PDP to leave the mayor’s office, Arlequín resigned Jan. 13, allowing the party to conduct the replacement process that resulted in the selection of Torres Yordán.

The new mayor said, “No one in Puerto Rico wants to hold a position through the circumstances of this case. It is not the right way, but an Autonomous Municipalities Act process took place,” and added he will soon appoint his transition team.

Regarding the seat left vacant in the House of Representatives, Torres Yordán referred the matter to Speaker Jaime Perelló.

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