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PDP Secretary-General Requests Expedited Investigation of Rosselló’s alleged fraud

By on October 11, 2016

The PDP's candidate for governor, David Bernier, and secretary-general Javier Echevarría

The PDP’s candidate for governor, David Bernier, and the party’s secretary-general, Javier Echevarría

SAN JUAN — Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Secretary-General Javier Echevarría Vargas requested Tuesday that an investigation into a complaint presented against New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló, who allegedly obtained a seat in the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) illegally, be sped up.

The request was presented to UPR Interim President Celeste Freytes González and the institution’s governing board.

The facts “denote that, upon Rosselló’s request, the Medical Sciences campus created a position for him, and that action displaced multiple educators who were wanted to legitimately compete for an academic position in that university,” Echevarría Vargas said.

The party secretary-general said the institution didn’t announce the seat vacancy’s to the public, and that Rosselló was promoted to Assistant Professor “in a mere 30 days.”

He accused the NPP gubernatorial candidate and the people involved in his hiring of “political cronyism,” emphasizing the need for an “immediate and thorough investigation on behalf of the UPR’s administration. He also demanded the immediate repayment of what Rosselló earned “without fulfilling his academic responsibilities,” he addded.

Echevarría Vargas requested the utmost diligence to investigate “this fraud scheme that earned Rosselló an income of more than $100,000, even though he has been publicly accused of not complying with his obligations as a professor, while he dedicated most of his time to activities related to political proselytism before and during his gubernatorial campaign.”

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