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PDP strengthens efforts against Labor Reform

By on January 21, 2017

Rafael “Tatito” Hernández /File

Popular Democratic Party Rep. Rafael “Tatito” Hernández (File Photo)

SAN JUAN — The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) delegation in the House of Representatives urged Speaker Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Saturday to impede the Labor Reform (H.B. 453).

“The poorly named Labor Reform will impoverish workers and it won’t create a single job . There aren’t studies or empirical data that prove the Labor Reform will be good for the country. Today we are addressing the petition to the House Speaker, by means of signatures, to reconsider,” stated PDP House Minority Leader Rafael “Tatito” Hernández as he published some of the messages voiced by citizens in the social media campaign.

The representative added that Méndez “has the ball in his court to stop this blunder for the country, and the people must be heard.”

The petition to collect signatures to protest House Bill 453 can be accessed in

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