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Pesquera Says Rosselló’s Camp Should be More Humble

By on June 8, 2016

SAN JUAN—Carlos Pesquera, who recently lost his bid to run as candidate for Puerto Rico resident commissioner in Washington in the June 5 New Progressive Party (NPP) primaries, said on Tuesday that the team of Ricardo Rosselló, who won the NPP gubernatorial ticket in said primaries, should “exercise more humility and effective communication,” in their attempt to bring the NPP together in time for the November 8 general elections.

Carlos pesquera

Carlos Pesquera

Rosselló won against current resident commissioner in Washington, Pedro Pierluisi, by a small margin in the primaries last Sunday. Pesquera, who was running as Pierluisi’s running mate, suffered a more lopsided defeat against Rosselló’s running mate, Jenniffer González, who obtained 323,893 votes (70.54%) versus Pesquera’s 135,246 (24.46%).

“I recommend Ricky [Rosselló] to have more contact with the people,” Pesquera said while criticizing the rude behavior that Rosselló’s electoral team allegedly directed at Pierluisi’s camp. He added that Rosselló won by a small margin, and that he now has the tough job of attracting the votes of all of the NPP members who did not vote for him, as well as other voters outside of the party that are necessary to win the general elections.

In his comments, Pesquera singled out the executive director of Rosselló’s campaign, Elías Sánchez, saying Sánchez “does not possess the best attitude to serve as mediator and attract the necessary number of votes for Rosselló.”

Pesquera, who ran for governor unsuccessfully in 2000, added he will nevertheless give the NPP his vote in the general elections.

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