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Pesquera to run for resident commissioner as Pierluisi’s running mate

By on December 23, 2015

Carlos Pesquera, a former gubernatorial candidate for the New Progressive Party (NPP) and a prominent public official during the Pedro Rosselló administration, has formalized his candidacy for resident commissioner in Washington, D.C.

Pesquera’s candidacy ensures an eventual face-off in the primaries with the NPP’s minority leader in the House, Jennifer González, who is also running for resident commissioner.

NPP President and gubernatorial hopeful Pedro Pierluisi announced the candidacy, adding that Pesquera will become his running mate in the party primaries. With the announcement, the two main groups vying for the NPP gubernatorial ticket are now set in place, with Pierluisi’s main primary contender, Ricardo Roselló, having tapped González as his running mate for resident commissioner earlier this year.

Pierluisi said that with Pesquera, the NPP’s victory in the 2016 general elections is assured, adding that both men comprise the best team with the necessary experience to improve Puerto Rico’s fiscal and economic situation once the new term starts in January 2017. “Through this ticket, we offer our party and Puerto Rico the capacity, maturity and life experience necessary to take the island out of its crisis,” Pierluisi said.

Pesquera, meanwhile, said he was committed to the difficult agenda that Puerto Rico will face in Washington, and thanked Pierluisi for allowing him to become part of the team. “As an engineer, my focus as a public official and as a private individual has been to generate results that benefit everyone,” he said.

He added that in light of the difficult times Puerto Rico is going through, leaders need to have the necessary experience to execute solutions, not to experiment. “The people are tired of illusory promises and plans. The times do not require politicians who know how to dance and generate sympathy. What’s needed is to come up with concrete solutions and, above all, to have proven officials who know what needs to be done,” said Pesquera without directly referring to the campaign against Pierluisi’s party rival, Ricardo Rosselló, questioning his lack of experience in public service.
By Ismael Torres

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