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Pierluisi Announces Federal Funds for 3 Airports

By on July 25, 2016

SAN JUAN – The U.S. Transportation Department has granted funds through the Federal Aviation Administration to the Puerto Rico Ports Authority for three regional airports, Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi announced Monday.

“These funds are important because they are aimed at improving specific areas, as well as the purchase of equipment needed to achieve better, more secure operations,” Pierluisi said in reference to the allocations for Ceiba’s José Aponte de la Torre, Aguadilla’s Rafael Hernández and Ponce’s Mercedita airports.

Pierluisi stated that although these are not Puerto Rico’s main air terminals, they have a fair amount of traffic and their maintenance is essential for passenger security.

Aponte de la Torre Airport will receive a $225,000 allocation for the purchase of equipment to keep the runway area clean. While Hernández Airport will be granted $630,000 to complete an assessment on the environmental impact of constructing a temporary runway and reconstructing the one it currently uses.

In addition, Mercedita Airport will be awarded $315,000 to install an automatic weather observation system to improve the security and efficiency of the airport’s operations by providing precise information, Pierluisi added in the published announcement.

Mercedita Airport

Mercedita Airport

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