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Piloto 151 Launches its First Coworking Pop-up in O:LV 55 Hotel in Condado

By on July 15, 2020

Coworking and hospitality come together to provide a more enriching experience for guests and coworkers

SAN JUAN – Coworking pioneer Piloto 151 announced today a new alliance with O:LV 55 Hotel and the opening of a Pop-up concept that can serve both guests and the new concept of O:LV residences, as well as Piloto members.

“This new partnership brings us even closer to the hospitality industry, which continues to gain traction in work environments. Remote jobs, flexibility and the blurring of lines between ‘work time’ and ‘personal time’ were trending long before the pandemic and will continue to be on the rise. This novel concept will give our members and O:LV guests the opportunity to flow freely between a comfortable workspace and a relaxed outdoor environment with views of the Condado Lagoon and an al fresco rooftop,” noted Sofia Stolberg, Chief Executive Officer of Piloto 151.

Meanwhile, O:LV guests and residents will be able to use and reserve all Piloto 151 workspaces in the neighborhoods of Old San Juan, Milla de Oro and Santurce, while also being able to use a Piloto address for permitting and business purposes, including to receive and manage mail through a mobile application. In turn, all Piloto members will be able to add to their membership the possibility of using the facilities of Pop-Up Piloto at O:LV, recipient of such internationally recognized awards as the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. 

According to Stolberg, while the concept of coworking in hotels is not so common internationally, it did start to emerge as a trend in 2019 with multinational hotel chains recognizing that they had to remodel their lobbies to make them more comfortable for guests to work and hold business meetings. The Pop-up Piloto at O:LV coworking space, distinctive of all Piloto 151 spaces, includes high-speed Internet by AeroNet and Herman Miller chairs by MOS, both long-standing Piloto partners.

Gino Villarini, AeroNet’s President, commented, “the hospitality sector has generally not been characterized by including high-speed Internet in its offerings. We are excited to join Piloto 151 in this important new development that will allow guests and visitors at O:LV 55 to enjoy Internet speeds that are suitable for coworking and business matters”.

Loisse Herger, founder of the O:live hotel chain, elaborated on what motivated her to approach Piloto 151 to create a coworking space at her hotel. “Opening a coworking pop-up concept was born out of the need to reinvent ourselves by creating the O:LV Residences program. At the beginning of the pandemic, while we were closed we were looking for an innovative way to attract new guests because tourism was halted. We knew that temporarily moving to a luxury hotel in Condado could be an attractive option, especially in light of the remote working trend  and the Act 60 tax incentives. We converted several rooms into residences by adding amenities such as a Nespresso coffee machine, microwave oven, larger fridge, laundry service and meal plans from our Chef Mario Pagán. Partnering with Piloto 151 to create a meaningful workspace makes sense for many reasons. We have the facilities, restaurant, bar and concierge services, in addition to being open 24 hours a day. It’s an ideal environment to combine coworking and add value to our guests and visitors,” highlighted Herger.

According to Stolberg, “the future of hospitality includes coworking. Digital nomads represent 1 in 3 workers globally and according to Upwork, 73% of all teams internationally will have remote workers by 2028. The pairing between coworking and hospitality is natural and we are very excited to launch this innovative concept alongside a hotel of the caliber of O:LV”.

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