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Remote-Working Assistance Service Launched

By on March 19, 2020

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Piloto 151’s ‘Remote First’ Provides Mail Management, Equips Employees

SAN JUAN – Coworking space network Piloto 151 has launched a new service geared toward helping employers support a “remote-first” work operation in response to the government’s social distancing measures, which include the temporary closure of nonessential business facilities to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease. 

“Most employers have been forced to either shut down operations or take their entire workforce remote, literally from one day to the next in the face of this lockdown. That is not an easy feat to accomplish,” said Sofia Stolberg, CEO of Piloto 151. “Of particular concern is a company’s mail, especially if they were forced to shut down temporarily.”

As a Certified Mail Receiving Agency designated by the U.S. Postal Office, Piloto can receive and handle mail for its members, including “essential food and medication,” Stolberg pointed out, explaining that the pioneering coworking space continues “to provide mail management and handling through our virtual application, which allows for scanning and mail forwarding to any domestic or international address.”

Beyond mail services, the executive said that, through Piloto partners, it is providing small businesses and employers special offers on internet connectivity, as well as “support with sourcing and logistics of ergonomic furniture and equipment needed for a remote-first workforce.”

Gino Villarini, CEO of data and broadband internet service provider Aeronet, said the “new product offering that will be exclusively available for Piloto members who are shifting to a remote first operation and plan on continuing to have remote workers even after the lockdown. Employers will now be able to ensure that everyone on their staff has high quality and reliable Internet at home, with the added advantage that they can sign a shorter-term contract with us to account for temporary circumstances and increase their flexibility.”

“Equally important for remote worker productivity,” Piloto 151’s chief architect, Sara Baldassi, added in the company’s media announcement “is the design and location of home offices or spaces” and the “type of furniture and equipment setup” employees count on.

“It’s not just a productivity issue; it’s also a health one. Lighting makes a huge difference as well and is associated with changes in mood and emotions. Our new service offering will not only provide members with real-time video consultations on their home office setups, but we will also help them identify and source the right ergonomic furniture and equipment to fit their needs,” she explained. 

An expert in work-space matters as well, Stolberg explained that although “remote working may be a necessity today,” the new service not only reflects Piloto’s response to the newly imposed social distancing measures, but is also another option for its members that caters to a work concept that “has been gaining momentum amongst employers for the past decade. Once this temporary situation is over, it will continue to be a worldwide trend that more and more employers will adopt.”

She cited research backing that claim; for example, a Global Workforce Analytics report that found remote working has grown 44% in the past five years and 91% in the past 10. 

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