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Pinkcar authorized to operate in Puerto Rico

By on August 14, 2017

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s Public Service Commission (PSC) authorized operations for a new transportation company called Pinkcar that will offer its service exclusively to women and children, and whose registered vehicles will be driven only by women.

“Thanks to the new law signed by the governor, Ricardo Rosselló, we have simplified the process and the requirements for all ground passenger transportation operators in Puerto Rico. We have become facilitators for the establishment of new companies and we have streamlined procedures to develop our economy and create new jobs. This new company, Pinkcar Puerto Rico, was able to benefit from this law and it managed to establish itself as a business, after months of bureaucratic processes, which are now a thing of the past,” explained attorney Luis García Fraga, president of the PSC.

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Likewise, the new Public Service Commission Administrative Transformation Act, which in turn creates the public transportation advocate post, incorporates new tendencies from the industry and protects citizens’ right to choose among all available transportation alternatives in a regulatory framework that ensures public safety and fair competition.

“Since the implementation of the new law, the Public Service Commission has modernized and streamlined its administrative processes, in order to guarantee better service on the island,” the official said.

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Pinkcar Puerto Rico is the first ride-hailing application on the island with exclusively women drivers, and comes about after the company analyzed several studies that conclude women tend to prefer the company of a woman driver.

The company will only offer services to women and children in the municipalities of Bayamón, Guaynabo, Carolina and San Juan. About 1,000 women have requested to be drivers in the metropolitan area.

The app represents a new transportation alternative in Puerto Rico, as it allows children between the ages of 7 and 15 to safely travel without the company of an adult to their destination.

As a requirement, Pinkcar states that the child must have a smartphone in which he or she can receive a security code through a text message and that must be the same as the assigned driver, to prevent a stranger from trying to pick up the child.

Unlike other transportation applications, Pinkcar asks its passengers to present a valid identification when they complete their registration on

Pinkcar is available on Android and iPhone devices. The woman-focused company is the first application of Protector LLC to reach the market. The Puerto Rican company intends to launch more than 80 applications in 18 months.

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