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PIP Committed to End Financing of Presidential Primaries

By on March 4, 2016

SAN JUAN — With the celebration on Sunday of the Republican Primary on the island, the Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP) said it remains committed to file legislation to put an end to the financing of this type of electoral event, as it has “no transcendence at all for the country,” the PIP says.

The party’s Secretary General, Juan Dalmau Ramírez, and candidate for resident commissioner, Hugo Rodríguez Díaz, said that this kind of event “is nothing but a drill of statehood and playing American for one day.”

“It is a pathetic, embarrassing event and those who participate in it saying they are anti-colonialists, what they are really showing themselves to be is a caricature of colonialism: They vote in primaries for candidates they cannot vote for in the U.S. presidential elections,” said Rodríguez.

For his part, Dalmau, who is also running for the Senate, said “this is the most thorough example of the level of submission that we, Puerto Ricans, face by being a colony. What these sectors that support this type of manifestation should do is to repudiate, boycott and confront these structures to demand a true decolonization process.”

He added that “this type of event has been played by both the Popular Democratic Party and the New Progressive Party with Democrats and Republicans — which are the same — and that are whipping the back of the people of Puerto Rico with the contempt they have showed in dealing with Puerto Rico’s  grave fiscal crisis.”

Finally, Dalmau reiterated that PIP officials in the Permanent Inscription Boards will not work on Sunday amid the local Republican primaries, following instructions from the party’s current electoral commissioner, Roberto Iván Aponte, based on the same arguments on which the party objects the primary.

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