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PIP Denounces Possible Judicial Designations in Extraordinary Session

By on October 22, 2016

Juan Dalmau Ramírez, pro-independence senator-at-large candidate, denounced Saturday the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) intention of summoning an extraordinary session in the Legislature to designate heads of agencies as judges in the Judicial system.

The Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) legislator asked Senate President Eduardo Bhatia to repudiate any attempt from Fortaleza to use the judiciary as a refuge for heads of agencies of Bhatia’s party.

Puerto Rican Independence (PIP) Senate and House candidates, Juan Dalmau and Denis Márquez, respectively. (File)

Puerto Rican Independence (PIP) Senate and House candidates, Juan Dalmau and Denis Márquez, respectively. (File)

“The ‘total banquete (feast)’ attitude of storming the judiciary as a reward to officials from the government’s party, is what was criticized of the [New Progressive Party (NPP)] and now the Popular [Democratic] Party (PDP) will repeat it. That is why so many [PDP affiliates] are frustrated with their legislative majority,” expressed Dalmau Ramírez in written declarations.

“Among the legislative corruption scandals and use of power to politicize the Judicial Branch, the PDP majority appears to be using De Castro Font’s banquete manual,” he added.

He maintained Puerto Rico’s frustration with the legislative majority is due to the Senate’s alleged submission upon Fortaleza’s designations.

“The Senate president himself, Eduardo Bhatia, recently admitted in an interview that they blindly approved every measure from the governor’s fiscal team, even those they knew would harm the country and didn’t address the fiscal crisis adequately,” said the PIP candidate.

Dalmau Ramírez affirmed that the threat of designations with political-partisan motivations reveals the same pattern that has frustrated the PDP electorate, where its legislative majority wounded up behaving the same way as the NPP majority did in the past.

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“They betrayed their electoral base and the country,” sentenced the PIP leader, reaffirming that he and his party’s at-large candidate to the House of Representatives, Denis Márquez, will present legislation directed toward establishing a Judicial Career system in which members are selected based on a merit system, according to their labor as jurists and their contributions to the legal profession.

This week it was revealed that Gov. Alejandro García Padilla and his work team created a list of Executive and Legislative officials identified to the PDP, to name them as judges after the general elections on Nov. 8.

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