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PIP Initiative Aims for Environmental Protection

By on February 19, 2017

SAN JUAN — The 73 municipal legislators from the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) outlined a plan on Sunday with Rep. Denis Márquez and Sen. Juan Dalmau to address environmental problems in the respective municipalities.

The pro-independence legislators said that today’s seminar in San Juan sparks the beginning of a series of actions that will take place from the different municipal assemblies, joined with legal actions.

“After the judicial case regarding toxic-ash deposits in Peñuelas, the importance of our municipal legislators’ was made clear, since the ordinance presented and approved thanks to the PIP in that municipality, was the judicial instrument that allowed the Supreme Court to prohibit the deposits. That is why this first training seminar will be the set off point to begin a plan together, on this occasion, for the environment,” explained Márquez.

PIP legislators, Rep. Denis Márquez and Sen. Juan Dalmau (Ismael Torres/CB)

PIP legislators, Rep. Denis Márquez and Sen. Juan Dalmau (Ismael Torres/CB)

For his part, Dalmau highlighted the municipal legislators’ importance in achieving the collective’s political goals, which is why their labor “can’t remain in the four walls of the municipal legislature building.”

“If whatever happens in municipal legislative sessions or meetings between commissions is important, more so is to communicate and know how to do the job, the complaints, and effective audit that [legislators] are performing,” stated the senator.

He also emphasized the need for citizens to be familiarized with state and municipal legislators’ work during each term, “particularly in regards to issues that affect citizens’ well-being and healthy public administration.”

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The senator informed that the next seminar with municipal legislators will touch the subject of municipal budgets, in order to do an effective and thorough audit on these affairs.

Márquez and Dalmau made their statements in a training seminar organized for PIP municipal legislators, which saw the participation of: Ángel Negrón, a lawyer who provided orientation on legislative process; Víctor Alvarado, who talked about the preparation and draft of municipal ordinances; and Calixto Negrón and Carlos Navarro, who presented ideas regarding social media management, among others.

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