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PIP Says Perelló’s Resignation is an Effort to Distract

By on August 29, 2016

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) gubernatorial candidate María de Lourdes Santiago said Monday that Jaime Perelló’s resignation as president of the House of Representatives is being used as a dual-distraction mechanism.

PIP gubernatorial candidate María de Lourdes Santiago (ArchiveP

PIP gubernatorial candidate María de Lourdes Santiago

Santiago explained that the resignation serves the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) as pretext to continue evading the discussion on the inherent problem, which is the political investor and the corruption it generates.

“Today, the poison that is political investing has been unmasked in the case of Anaudi Hernández and the PDP, just as occurred before in NPP [New Progressive Party] administrations,” Santiago said in written statements.

The PIP senator stated that while a campaign finance system persists in these parties, it operates as a an influence and contract sale in exchange for donations. “What we see today and saw before will continue to repeat itself,” she said.

“On the other hand,” she added, “while the candidate for governor tries to project leadership by demanding Perelló’s resignation as House speaker when the term is about to end, he does not appear to be uncomfortable with the fact that Perelló continues with his seat and as candidate for reelection under the Popular Party flag,” the pro-independence legislator said.

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