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Poll: 30% Believe Puerto Rico Gov’t Handling Epidemic Correctly

By on March 27, 2020

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Most Respondents Are in Favor of Social Distancing Measures 

SAN JUAN — The advertising agency Arteaga & Arteaga published a survey it conducted on how Puerto Rico residents view the spread of Covid-19, the disease produced by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, of which there are 79 confirmed cases to date on the island, prompting Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced to further extend the curfew and lockdown underway through April 12. 

“As a result of the current situation in the country because of Covid-19 we wanted to do a targeted survey directed at [establishing]: What is the Feeling of People in Puerto Rico and get to know their concerns,” the survey presentation reads. 

Of the 550 people surveyed, 92 percent stated that “they agree with the quarantine and isolation measures.” However, approval of the social distancing measures didn’t translate into an approval of how the government is handling the epidemic, given that only 30 percent of respondents “feel the government is in control of the situation.” 

Another area where the general perception is not on the same page as the government is whether people are abiding by the curfew established in the governor’s Executive Order 2020-23. According to the survey, 89 percent of those surveyed believe that most citizens are following the shelter-in-place directive; whereas, administration officials who lead the government’s response, including the governor, have publicly stated that violations of the order prompted the ever-stricter distancing measures.

“The survey results demonstrate the new reality that we all live today and the lifestyle

that Puerto Ricans have adapted along with their families,” Arteaga wrote.

Amid the significant changes to people’s daily routines, the survey found that, while 80 percent of respondents are concerned about the outbreak, only 53 percent consider themselves prepared. The greatest concerns are contracting Covid-19 or that a family member contracts the disease and having a shortage of needed supplies. 

As for how people are maintaining a “social connection,” the survey found that across all generational groups, social media is the preferred medium, with baby boomers having the more diverse selection of communications and media options. Boomers are also the group that gets its news from local TV and makes phone calls. Gen-Xers and millennials depend more on digital media, while Gen-Zers overwhelmingly favor digital resources. 

International TV and local radio are the least-used sources of information by all generations. 

The Arteaga team said that, given the levels of anxiety produced by the outbreak, people are looking for ways to “entertain themselves and clear their minds.” The firm suggested that  businesses take the findings into account when planning their ad campaigns. 

“Brands must find a way to create an emotional relationship and serve as relief, guidance, clearance and support. At the end of the day, a little compassion can go a long way,” the creative team said.

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