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Puerto Rico utility fixes outage that left 33,000 in the dark

By on September 17, 2018

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SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa) reported Monday that it fixed the fault that had left some 33,000 subscribers without service since Sunday night in several towns in the center of the island.

The fault was found in a difficult to access area between Roads 794 and 777 in the Caguitas neighborhood of Aguas Buenas, where a helicopter was used to speed up the repair work.

“Our personnel managed to replace the conductor cable and a split insulator between towers, located on Carretera 794 in the Caguitas neighborhood of Aguas Buenas. The work managed to reestablish the transfer of energy, which if no problem arises, will provide service to the nearly 33,000 customers in the region who were left without electricity,” said Prepa’s Director of Transmission and Distribution, José Sepúlveda Aponte in a statement.

The fault affected a 115-kilovolt line, 39000, leaving sectors of Caguas, Gurabo and Aguas Buenas without power.

The most recent failure demonstrates the fragility of the electrical system amid peak hurricane season. Last week, sectors of the east of the island and San Juan lost power as a result of weather associated with Tropical Storm Isaac.

Prepa said problems with several distribution system feeders left sectors of Río Grande, Yabucoa and Gurabo without power. The fault was repaired. Feeder faults were also reported in San Juan.

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