Monday, August 15, 2022

Power Crisis Leads to More Blackouts and Resignation

By on September 27, 2021

Luma Energy reported that around 258,692 utility clients were without power by 5 p.m. today, Monday. The most affected municipality was Caguas, where blackouts interrupted the service of 64,511 customers.

The major blackouts registered a day after the private company sent a press release touting their most significant achievements since taking control of the island’s power grid amid substantial disruptions in the utility service. Most of these were related to a fire that engulfed part of the Monacillos substation last June and the breakdown of other major components in power generation plants.

Amid the most recent blackouts, caused by sargasso that obstructed the passageways at power stations in Palo Seco and Aguirre, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi confirmed the resignation of Ralph Kreil from PREPA’s Governing Board.

“Achieving the transformation and reconstruction of our energy system in Puerto Rico is one of my highest priorities. The situation with the electrical system that has been developing in recent days is unacceptable, and the recurring technical failures in the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) are unsustainable,” said Pierluisi in written statements.

“It is essential that we make changes that allow us to advance that transformation. Given the resignation of the president of the PREPA Governing Board, Ralph A. Kreil Rivera, I trust that its members will act with agility and prudence to appoint a new president and achieve those changes that promote an efficient electricity service for all the residents and businesses in our island,” Pierluisi said.

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