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Power expected to be restored to 95% of Puerto Rico mountain town residents by end of March

By on January 30, 2018

SAN JUAN – The representative for District 26 of Orocovis, Barranquitas, Villalba and Coamo, Urayoán Hernández, said Tuesday that he had a meeting with engineer Carlos Alvarado Torres, head of the Technical Operations Corps of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa), to establish an electric service restoration program for municipalities in the mountains.

After the meeting with the representative, the Prepa official established the end of March as the date when almost all towns in the mountains will have electricity. During a meeting held Monday, the New Progressive Party (NPP) legislator emphasized that more than 65 percent of residences and businesses in Orocovis do not have electricity service.

“We met with engineer Alvarado Torres to present him a detailed report on all sectors and neighborhoods in the municipalities that comprise District 26 that still do not have electricity. We are talking about neighborhoods and sectors such as Sabana, Barros and Saltos in Orocovis; La Vega, La Loma, Quebrada Grande and Palo Hincado in Barranquitas; Pulguillas in Coamo; and El Semil in Villalba, to name a few, which have been in the dark for more than four months. That is enough, and something has to be done, and it is now,” the legislator said in a written statement.

Hernández was emphatic when he asked for an exact date when each community that still does not have electricity will be able to receive this service.

“We have been informed that by the end of March, 95 percent of the residents of our district will have electric service. This cannot be left for summer. We have a 14-page report on sectors without power in the mountains, and we want concrete explanations on when these people can have electricity. Engineer Alvarado Torres told us that by the end of March these towns will practically be fully energized. The pressure we have exerted since day one will continue until all residents of the Puerto Rican mountain region have the service,” added the alternate spokesperson for the NPP House delegation.

Hernández also said Tuesday that Prepa cannot send an invoice for service it has not provided to the constituents of Orocovis, Barranquitas, Villalba and Coamo. He exhorted every person from these municipalities who receives a bill from the public corporation, to visit his legislative office at the Capitol.

“No and no; services that have not been provided cannot be filled for. May our peopler from the mountains know I will not allow they be billed for power if they do not have it nor for days did not have it. That is my commitment to them.”

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