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PR Institute of Statistics Unveils New Government Transparency Website

By on May 4, 2016

SAN JUAN—The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics presented Wednesday a new website, transparenciafinanciera.pr, through which citizens can obtain a total breakdown of the transactions of the Institute since it began operations in 2007.

Marazzi (1)

Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics Executive Director Mario Marazzi-Santiago

The open data platform allows users to search by type of expenditure or by vendor name and it produces results that range from general data, such as the institute’s total expenditures, to more specific data points, such as the number of transactions, the salary of the executive director and other employees, as well as payments to suppliers, among others. The website also gives the user the option of viewing the data in dollars, as well as a percentage.

“We are pleased to release this new platform, through which any Puerto Rico government entity can publish on the internet, in a detailed and continuous manner, updates its financial transactions, requiring neither additional resources nor technical knowledge without compromising existing technological resources,“ said the institute’s executive director, Mario Marazzi-Santiago.

Currently, the website only provides detailed information on the institute’s transactions since it began operations in 2007. However, over time, the institute expects that when citizens get to know this new tool and support it, more government agencies will become part of the initiative, which is intended to promote transparency in Puerto Rico’s public finances.

Marazzi-Santiago took the opportunity to encourage agencies, public corporations and other government entities to “take a step forward and participate by providing information about their expenses through transparenciafinanciera.pr.

“Our crisis is not just financial; it is also a crisis in the confidence and trust our citizens have in their government. In this crisis, I have no doubt that transparency in our public finances is the first step needed to regain the trust of our citizens,” Marazzi-Santiago said.

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