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PR Real Estate Broker’s Exchange announces new multiple listing service

By on October 9, 2018

SAN JUAN — PR Real Estate Broker’s Exchange LLC (PR-REBEX) announced Tuesday that its new multiple listing service (MLS) platform to exchange property listings among real estate professionals is now live.

The platform is “the only MLS system in Puerto Rico open to all licensed real estate professionals, Realtors or not: An important factor given that less than 10% of all real estate professionals in Puerto Rico are Realtors,” General Manager Carlos J. Sánchez said.

When properties are listed, the platform verifies that the real estate agent’s license is active and in good standing with the State Department database.

Sánchez pointed out that the property search portal is also designed for the public, with “security and data accuracy” given priority, without leaving behind a “positive customer” experience. 

The system portals “run under SSL Cryptographic certificates to ensure secure data transfers between client and server,” the company assured in its release. Listings can be saved to favorites, compared or shared via automated postings on social media as well.

The platform gives users ample leeway to define and save “specific property search characteristics and receive regular emails each time a property that meets these characteristics is listed in the system,” Sánchez said, adding that the more specific the users are, “the chances the system will pinpoint the perfect property match for them” increases.

Only properties for which the real estate agents have an exclusive or semi-exclusive contract can be listed in the system, and listings that are not updated “at least every 90 days will be unpublished,” according to the announcing release.

REMAX-Metro PR franchise owner and broker Evaristo González was the first to subscribe to PR-REBEX.

“Under his subscription type, a private property search portal, identical in functionality to PR-HOMES.COM, was generated, enabling González the opportunity to present his clients with a personal property search experience while at the same time providing an extensive listing portfolio including all properties listed under PR-REBEX,” the release explained.

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