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Prepa Urges Luma to address Communication Deficiencies

By on June 16, 2021

Prepa’s Governing Board President Ralph A. Kreil Rivera urged LUMA Energy President and CEO Wayne Stensby to make the necessary adjustments to improve the company’s communication operations and systems with the public.

The claim arose during the meeting held today between Kreil Rivera, Stensby, Prepa’s Executive Director Efran Paredes, and Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority Executive Director Fermín Fontanés.

Kreil Rivera said that the Governing Board and PREPA executives are responsible for fostering dialogue on aspects that affect the service provided to citizens.

“We are aware that LUMA has only been in operation for 14 days and that they are working to bring the electrical system to its optimum condition within a short period. However, we understand that the communication aspect must be addressed and improved urgently. We have identified areas for improvement in the call center and on the website, which have made it impossible for citizens to carry out procedures, such as registering to issue payments or reporting service interruptions. These areas need to be corrected promptly. Citizens need efficient and effective communication tools. Likewise, the communication with mayors, who have first-hand information about unserved areas in their municipalities, also needs improvement,” Kreil Rivera said.

Kreil Rivera acknowledged, however, that LUMA’S response has been quick in most cases, according to case complexity, which shows that establishing the appropriate communication mechanisms to stay alert about service failures is vital to improving the company’s performance.

“Today’s meeting was the first of many that we will have with Stensby and other LUMA representatives. We appreciate your availability and encouragement to work as a team. The objective is none other than to speed up the transformation of the island’s energy system so that citizens have the quality service they deserve,” Kreil Rivera said.

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