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Prepa Warns Customers of Fraudulent Billing Schemes

By on August 6, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (Prepa) customer service director, Carmen Flores Torres, warned customers to ignore any phone call asking to make a payment to the public utility through unauthorized methods.

The official urged people not to respond to newspaper advertisements offering services to eliminate electric bill debt.

Flores Torres explained that Prepa only makes collection efforts on its electric bills, in person, by mail and in certain cases over the phone.

She also said the only authorized ways to pay the electric bill are through the utility’s offices around the island, over its customer service number, 787-521-3434, its automated line, 787-521-2121, or on its website, aeepr.com

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority headquarters in Santurce

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority headquarters in Santurce

The warning comes following several notifications of fraudulent schemes whereby a call is placed from phone numbers, such as 1-866-978-7092 and 1-866-338-7767, and customers are asked to purchase a debit card from a store, such as Wal-Mart, in order to pay their electric bill, sometimes for even more than the customer actually owes.

Prepa “does not make these kinds of requests, all payments must be made through the indicated methods,” the power company official stressed.

Flores Torres urged people to provide information that could help identify those involved in the scheme or to have any related question answered by calling Prepa’s customer service line, 787-521-3434, or posting on its Twitter account, @aeeonline.


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