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Private Sector Coalition Gives Proposals In Washington To End Crisis

By on February 10, 2016

Leaders of the Puerto Rico Private Sector Coalition addressed government officials and insiders in Washington D.C. on Wednesday to present their recommendations for the commonwealth to exit its fiscal crisis. The coalition, which consists of organizations representing various industrial sectors in Puerto Rico, pitched its proposals as part of a panel titled “Can the private sector save Puerto Rico?” organized by the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute.

Ramón Pérez Blanco, president of the Puerto Rico Products Association, said the coalition gave its views to a group of more than 50 people who work closely with members of Congress. “We focused on the role of the private sector and the economic development we need to not only get out of the crisis, but prevent from getting into this situation again,” he added.

“I continue to see a lot of receptivity in the meetings we have had,” Pérez Blanco noted. “I also think there is more awareness about the urgent need to do something about the problem. On the other hand, I am worried the fiscal issue has become the main topic and economic development has been relegated.”

The meeting took place at the Rayburn House building. Apart from Pérez Blanco, members of the panel included José Vázquez Barquet, president of the Pueto Rico Chamber of Commerce, and Zulmarie Urrutia Vélez, president of the Puerto Rico Certified Public Accountants Association. Also on hand at the forum were Ralph A. Kreil Rivera, president of the Puerto Rico Engineers and Surveyors Association; Manuel Reyes Alfonso, executive director of the Chamber of Food Marketing, Industry & Distribution; and Jaime Plá Cortés, executive president of the Puerto Rico Hospitals Association.


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