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[PRMA Special Commercial Coverage] Rodríguez Soars

By on June 2, 2017

Through his commitment, activism and dedication promoting and advancing the message of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) to other members and the community in general, the director of the Southern Region of the PRMA, Fernando J. Rodríguez, will receive the President’s Award from the PRMA during the organization’s annual convention.

As a business leader, Rodríguez, who is also founder & president of Prime Janitorial, has played a proactive role in disseminating and implementing the various PRMA initiatives to help members strengthen their operations and reach competitiveness.

In addition, the entrepreneur has launched various initiatives to expose the world to the Southern Region’s commercial, industrial and territorial assets to encourage the strengthening of the island’s industrial and business sector, such as the launch of ‘South Puerto Rico’ at an exhibition at the international trade show Expocomer, organized annually by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture of Panama. “South Puerto Rico is an integral project fully supported by the private sector, which seeks to exalt the competitive advantages and tourism attributes of Puerto Rico’s southern region to attract investors and generate commercial exchange with entrepreneurs,” Rodríguez explained about the initiative he conceived.

South Puerto Rico counts on the participation of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, represented by the city’s director of Economic Development & Tourism, José Tito Reyes. With its participation at Expocomer, the South Puerto Rico project had visibility with the multisectorial exhibition, which focuses on five main groups: food & beverages, textiles & accessories, construction, technology and services. Annually, the event receives some 650 exhibiting companies from 37 countries.

Betting on the unity of the PRMA members, Rodríguez also promotes education and the exchange of good practices between members to help overcome the challenges faced in Puerto Rico.

Fernando J. Rodríguez will receive the President’s Award from the PRMA during the organization’s annual convention.

“We are all industriales and, together, we are one. That is why it is fundamental to educate and activate ourselves in effective and expedient efforts that guarantee the economic growth Puerto Rico needs,” said the leader from southern region. “Sharing the best practices among our enrollment, keeping abreast of the advances in the various industries and, above all, achieving a union of wills is essential to push our companies forward.”

Rodríguez played a proactive role in Quest 2017, another PRMA event, in which service and manufacturing companies presented their projects to improve their efficiency, competitiveness and/or processes.

With the support from PRMA President Rodrigo Masses and former Resident Commissioner Antonio “Tito” Colorado, Rodríguez works in developing relations with industrialists in the Dominican Republic through the Productive Linkage Committee of the Medical Devices cluster to achieve commercial exchanges. Rodríguez also worked directly on the Regional Golf Tournament to benefit the William Riefkohl Scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to talented college students.

With a business trajectory that transcends borders, Rodríguez has managed to successfully expand Prime Janitorial’s operations, which began in 1999 when he was 19 and now has offices in the Dominican Republic.

Dedicated to providing solutions, and always with a plan and a goal to face challenges since the beginning of his business, Rodríguez has focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership to strengthen his company, which specializes in industrial and commercial cleaning and maintenance services for hotels, hospitals, manufacturing plants, universities, federal and state agencies, among others.

As part of the expansion plan implemented by Prime Janitorial, the company has penetrated the Dominican Republic market and achieved a substantial increase in sales despite the great economic challenges.

For Rodríguez’s successful performance at the head of his company, in 2009 the PRMA honored him with the Entrepreneur of the Year award, among other distinctions that he has received throughout his professional career.

Rodríguez earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from University of Puerto Rico in 2005 and a master’s degree in management from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico in Ponce in 2012.

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