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Statehooders Urged to Write ‘Statehood Now’ on Republican Primary Ballot

By on March 4, 2016

SAN JUAN – The candidate for the Senate for the Mayagüez-Aguadilla District, Luis Daniel Muñiz, called upon all statehood supporters to participate in Sunday’s local primaries of the U.S. Republican Party and to write the phrase “Statehood Now” on the ballot as an expression of what he called a demand for equality for Puerto Ricans.

“We statehooders have to use this event to send a clear and thorough message to the nation by writing ‘Statehood Now’ on the ballots,” Muñiz said, adding that statehood supporters have to make themselves be felt and, specifically, let the Republican leadership know that Puerto Ricans are tired of what he termed unequal and discriminatory treatment as U.S. citizens. “An example of this is that we can vote in this primary but we are denied the right to vote in the presidential election,” he said.

Muñiz, who served as senator for the district in the previous administration, said that the ideal is more important than a particular preference for any of the candidates, and since the Republican primary will be covered by national and international media, it becomes an important forum in which to demand statehood.

“Puerto Rico is in the worst moment of it political and economic history, which has led the supporters of the Commonwealth [status] to publicly express that that status no longer works,” Muñiz said. “That is why we statehooders have to make ourselves be felt in all possible scenarios so the nation’s political leadership hears our claim, which is a just and legitimate one.”

The local Republican primary will take place Sunday. All citizens who are duly registered in the State Elections Commission may vote in the primary.

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