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PRTC Becomes Main Sponsor of Sevilla FC

By on October 28, 2016

sevilla_1SAN JUAN—The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) announced Friday it signed a deal with Sevilla Fútbol Club (FC), touted as Spain’s oldest soccer club and based in the aforementioned capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia, to become the team’s main sponsor.

Although the public corporation would not say how much the deal is worth due to a confidentiality agreement, unofficial reports state it is in the millions of dollars.

As a result of the sponsorship deal, Sevilla FC team uniforms will sport the logo for on the front, starting next Saturday’s game against Real Sporting de Gijón at El Molinón Stadium, in Asturias, Spain.

“This is the biggest sponsorship deal that Sevilla FC has signed in tis 126-year history,” said club president José Castro.

Meanwhile, PRTC Executive Director Ingrid Rivera Rocafort said the deal with the soccer team, widely hailed as among the best in the world, “brings an unprecedented international exposure to Puerto Rico [that should result in] a significant increase of visitors to the island.”

Rivera Rocafort added the publicity value of the deal is estimated at $27 million per year.

Sevilla FC holds a record five UEFA Europa League Cups, three of them consecutively from 2014 to 2016, as well as several other international and national titles. It currently ranks fourth among teams from La Liga— the top professional soccer division of the Spanish football league system— in terms of worldwide audience, with about 200 million spectators.

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