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Public Affairs secretary offers no details after being mentioned in corruption trial testimony

By on September 2, 2016

SAN JUAN – La Fortaleza Public Affairs Secretary Jesús Manuel Ortiz did not provide any details Friday after being mentioned by Anaudi Hernández, the convicted former Popular Democratic Party (PDP) fundraiser who has been testifying in federal court during a government corruption trial against four of his associates.

Upon arriving in La Fortaleza Friday morning, Ortiz declined to comment on the case, but assured he wouldn’t be resigning from his position.

“I absolutely don’t plan on resigning, but as I am a potential witness in the case, I am unable to make any comments about the case and have always been very respectful of the process and will remain so. I think the important thing here is that the process flow as best possible, without interference from anyone and that justice prevail; that everyone who acted incorrectly and failed the country, pay for it,” the official said briefly.

Public Affairs Secretary Jesús Manuel Ortiz González

Public Affairs Secretary Jesús Manuel Ortiz González

“In my case, I can’t make additional comments about what is being seen in the case because I could, at any time, be a potential witness, and I respect that,” he added.

Regarding him running for an at-large seat in the House of Representatives, Ortiz dismissed the possibility that his being mentioned during the trial would affect his campaign.

“The country knows me, and I don’t think these mentions will affect my campaign. I have an unblemished record of 13 years in public service and will always be equally responsible and fulfill my duty as a citizen and public servant, and if the day comes that I must go there and be a witness, I will do so as I always have done,” he said.

Ortiz’s name has been mentioned on several occasions during Hernández’s testimony. Under oath in federal court, the former party fundraiser said the Public Affairs secretary frequented his residence in Aguadilla during fundraising activities for important PDP figures.

As indicated by the witness, Ortiz became one of the contacts to whom resumes were sent to process and push appointments.


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