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Public Affairs Secretary Reacts to Demonstration

By on February 9, 2017

SAN JUAN – Public Affairs Secretary Ramón Rosario reacted to the protests against the Single Employer Act and the Fiscal Oversight & Management Board outside the Puerto Rico Convention Center during a Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) event.

“I believe that is part of citizens’ constitutional right acknowledged in a democracy. The population that wants to demand reparations, [express] grievances, [can] express themselves publicly in an orderly protest and within the parameters of the law. They have that right and it is respected, as it has always been,” he said in a Radio Isla 1320 interview.

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Regardless, Rosario questioned the fact that this type of demonstration didn’t occur under the past administration.

“There are some sectors or union leaders who remained silent for four years as [the past administration] stripped public workers from their retirement, who are now raising their voice, and they have that right, to raise it only when there is a New Progressive Party [NPP] administration. Inside the hotel, in the convention rooms, there will be another group expressing their appreciation for what the government has done this first month,” he stated.

The Public Affairs secretary indicated that the government will listen to protesters’ demands, noting that some union leaders contributed to both the Single Employer Act and the Labor Reform.

“Some of their recommendations were incorporated in both bills, and that is always something that should be taken into account, demonstration or otherwise,” he said.

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Rosario said he is proud of the administration’s job thus far, as he observed that they have already approved nine laws, whereas Alejandro García Padilla’s administration signed its first law in Feb. 10 during its first year.

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