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Public Buildings Authority: We Operate Paycheck to Paycheck

By on June 12, 2016

SAN JUAN – The executive director of the Public Buildings Authority (PBA), José Dávila, said Sunday that his agency has been operating “paycheck to paycheck.”

In his testimony before the House Treasury and Budget Committee, which is evaluating the budget for fiscal year 2017, Dávila said the PBA is owed more than $234 million by agencies, corporations and instrumentalities of the commonwealth.

While answering Rep. Waldemar Quiles’ questions, the Public Buildings director said the corporation operates “from paycheck to paycheck. It has obviously been difficult, but that is how we do it,” adding, “It has not been easy, but we have had to work with that situation and we are on it.”

According to testimony, the PBA’s accounts receivable total $234.3 million, of which $109.4 million are bills to be paid through an Office of Management and Budget transfer, and $123.9 million to be paid directly to the entity.

“The only source of income for the authority depends on the contractual fulfillment of our clients,” the PBA’s testimony states.

Among the authority’s major debtors are the Court Administration Office, the Highway Authority, the Ponce Municipal Government, the Education Department, and the Cardiovascular Center of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Rep. Rafael Hernández (center) presides over budget hearings. (Inter News Service photo)

Rep. Rafael Hernández (center) presides over budget hearings. (Inter News Service photo)

Inter News Service

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