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Public Hearings on Prepa Fuel Purchase Regulations Begin

By on January 18, 2016

SAN JUAN – Sen. Aníbal José Torres announced Monday the start of public hearings on the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s fuel purchase process.

Torres, who also presides the special committee to study the regulations and procedures related to Prepa’s purchase and use of oil, said the public hearings will be held through February.

Prepa directors under different administrations, former presidents and members of the utility’s governing board, past and current officials of the public corporation, fuel suppliers, senior management at laboratories, and experts will be cited to testify on Prepa’s fuel purchase, management and use process, the senator said.

“After a thorough and impartial investigation that has already resulted in referrals to the Justice Department and the Government Ethics Office, we are able to present to the country the truth we have learned about the fuel purchase process at the Electric Power Authority,” Torres said.

He added that “it will be through a public hearing process that the operations and systems that have prevailed at the authority will be presented and that we will bring before the people those responsible for making decisions.”

For the legislator, “it is important all Puerto Ricans see how different schemes and the absence of formality and transparency in the procurement and fuel handling systems by the Electric Power Authority have impacted energy costs and led to the waste of millions in public funds.”

In addition, he said, “We will seek to bring to light the truth about the authority, that there be accountability for the waste of money and that the measures necessary to safeguard the proper use of resources be established,” the Popular Democratic Party spokesman said.

By Inter News Service

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