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Public policy requiring local contracting by public-private partnerships lauded

By on October 9, 2018

SAN JUAN – The president of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association, Rodrigo Masses, expressed satisfaction Tuesday with the enactment of Senate Bill 999, which amends the Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Act to require compliance with the law that protects local goods and services industries in government contracting.

“Public-Private Partnerships have proven to be an ideal mechanism for citizens to continue enjoying services that the government no longer has the capacity to provide efficiently and adequately. The inclusion of P3s in the preferential public policy for purchases by the Government of Puerto Rico ensures a multiplier effect and significant impact on our economy. That is why it is essential, as noted by S.B. 999 that contractors under the P3 model comply with the provisions of Act 14.

“We thank the Governor, the President of the Senate and the other members of the Legislative Assembly for this initiative, which defends the local industry and will foster the economic and social development of Puerto Rico,” Masses said in a statement.

The signing of the bill comes at a time when a study by the Center for the New Economy revealed that federal authorities prefer to contract stateside rather than Puerto Rico businesses for recovery work related to hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Study: Most federal contracts to rebuild Puerto Rico awarded to stateside firms

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