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Puerto Rican Entrepreneurs Increasingly Use eBay

By on May 5, 2021

Growing number of e-commerce transactions, products sold

SAN JUAN – Collection cards, plants, auto parts: the variety of products sold by Puerto Ricans during 2020 on eBay shows how the pandemic boosted online sales for Puerto Rican entrepreneurs, who took advantage of cross-border trade to reach all corners of the planet, expand their sales opportunities and thus become part of the global economy, the e-commerce giant said in a media release Wednesday.

To date, eBay has seen a double-digit percentage growth in Puerto Rican sellers who represent a wide variety of product categories, some of which didn’t have as a strong presence in the marketplace platform before the pandemic.

“2020 changed our entire way of living, consuming and doing business, and the increase in sales for these Puerto Rican businesses is just a proof of it. They have seen in eBay an effective way to expand their customer base by overcoming the challenges that pose the distance, regardless of product or category,” said Ilya Kretov, general manager for Global Emerging Markets at eBay.  

According to an eBay’s sales analysis, the three categories that were exported the most in 2020 from Puerto Rico, have remained consistent in 2021, with the exception of the third position. Most of these categories include both local and international products and multiple brands in their segments. The ten most sold categories (in order of preference) by Puerto Ricans in 2020 compared to the first quarter of 2021 were: 

The four countries where Puerto Ricans exported the most on eBay.com during 2020 were the continental United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and China. This year, however, Mexico substitutes China in fourth place. 

eBay has more than 187 million buyers globally, with 190 countries and more than 1.7 billion items available globally.

eBay has a Business Development Program, for which more information can be found here. Following an eBay assessment, eligible sellers will have access to free one-on-one advice and training tools, plus a free store for the first three months. Learn more about the eBay seller community on Facebook: Facebook.com/eBayVendedoresLatAm.

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