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Puerto Rican group calls for positivity on social media

By on May 22, 2017

SAN JUAN – A group of communicators in Puerto Rico proposed on Monday a revolution in social networks, a “Yo Comparto lo Bueno” (I Share What’s Good) campaign to encourage positive thinking amid the island’s fiscal crisis.

As part of the initiative, Idia Martínez, president of Upfront Communication firm, which leads the movement, reported that May 30 will be the symbolic, “I Share What’s Good” day during which people are encouraged to share only positive messages on social media.

The social media movement intends to spread positivity and promote mutual respect, amid polarization over diverse issues affecting the island. (Yo Comparto lo Bueno via Facebook)

“This is a movement that won’t be limited to a single day, but we wanted to direct the effort to a specific action, which is to raise awareness and support for the movement through positive actions and statements on May 30,” Martínez wrote.

The initiative emerged after noting a tone of disrespect, intolerance and negativity in social media posts that, according to the group, reflects polarization among public opinion, in light of the island’s multiple sociopolitical issues.

Martínez explained that the movement aims for people to do good deeds and share them on social media, using the hashtag #YoCompartoLoBueno. “It is a day to express kindness, respect, tolerance; to prove there are more of us good ones.”

Public relations professional Lourdes Burgos said there are many ways to join the campaign.

“First, we invite you to like our Facebook page, Yo Comparto lo Bueno, and share it with your friends and family. On May 30 we encourage you to do good deeds, which can be as simple as helping a sick person, giving coffee to a homeless person, grow a plant or having breakfast with the family. They are small indications that we are still a kind and noble island,” Lourdes, explained.

“We believe that you can differ and comment with respect, that we have the capacity to promote goodness through our actions and our expressions. We can’t continue dividing ourselves as a country. It is time to start doing something that will unite us,” Martínez said.

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