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Puerto Rican literature marketed online through e-commerce agreement

By on January 29, 2018

SAN JUAN – The e-commerce platform for local brands, Brands of Puerto Rico, established a collaborative agreement with the recently created digital library Libros787 to increase Puerto Rican authors’ visibility online.

The collaboration consists of the development of a selection of books written by Puerto Rican authors, and curated by the Libros787 team within the Brands of Puerto Rico catalog.

Titles available due to this collaboration include: “Clemente: En la víspera de la gloria,” by Néstor R. Duprey Salgado; “Obra Poética de Julia de Burgos“; and “Cuentos tan cortos que no aburren,” by acclaimed young writer Ricardo Martí Ruiz.

From left, Jorge Herrera, oversees operations and logistics for Brands of Puerto Rico; Carlos Goyco, co-founder of Libros787; and Alan Taveras, co-founder of Brands of Puerto Rico. (Courtesy)

The collaboration broadens Libros787’s consumer base stateside, a market in which Brands of Puerto Rico has stood out for the past three years, while at the same time it allows e-commerce access to the literary titles of publishing houses with which the electronic bookstore works.

Apart from expanding the range of products in Brands of Puerto Rico’s digital platform, this collaboration makes way for a new referral system that allows other e-commerce platforms to market their products to Brands of Puerto Rico’s customer base.

“This union between Libros787.com and BrandsOfPuertoRico.com represents much more than an expansion to a merchandise catalog aimed at our Puerto Rican brethren, on and off the island. To me, it is an important step that will set an example to follow for the other players in the Puerto Rico business ecosystem,” said Libros787 co-founder Carlos Alfonso Goyco.

Meanwhile, Brands of Puerto Rico co-founder Alan Taveras said the union of both companies represents a collaborative strategy with pre-existing businesses and brands to continue expanding their offer to clients.

“We have known Carlos for a long time, and when we learned about the launch of his platform, it filled us with joy. Although we share a market and, technically, we are competitors, both companies were mature enough to decide to work together,” Taveras explained.

“The local e-commerce industry has a lot of potential to fulfill, even more so if we leverage in the purchasing power stateside. This type of collaboration seeks to continue developing the market and offer the best products to consumers in the easiest way. The year 2018 will be one full of collaborations and innovation on behalf of Brands of Puerto Rico,” he added.

BrandsOfPuertoRico.com, the e-commerce site for local brands. Libros787.com is a new webpage dedicated to promoting Puerto Rican writers, which users can access to discover and purchase their works.

To discover the catalog of books curated by Libros787.com, access the following link: https://brandsofpuertorico.com/en/brands/libros-787


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