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Puerto Rican Telecommunications Alliance warns of imminent collapse

By on October 18, 2017

SAN JUAN – The president of the Puerto Rican Telecommunications Alliance (APT by its Spanish initials), Pedro Andrés, said the total collapse of the island’s wireless, fixed and internet service was imminent, unless the Electric Power Authority (Prepa) provides power to Metro Office Park, Caparra and San Patricio.

“Despite many efforts and many Prepa promises, we continue without power service in what we call the Telecom Triangle,” Andrés said referring to the aforementioned locations in Wednesday’s written statement.

“Our companies have made significant investments in the purchase of generators and fuel, but we cannot sustain ourselves in the long-term in this way. If we do not get power service soon, unfortunately we could lose what progress was made in the restoration of services,” he warned.

Setback in Telecommunications Recovery Efforts

The APT said it understands that there are places that have priority in the service restoration list, such as certain agencies and hospitals, but a month after Hurricane Maria, “it is unacceptable that priority has not been given to this issue,” which affects the operation of other businesses and the government itself, it said.

“Prepa will cause a catastrophe parallel to the one we are living in, causing telecommunications to collapse. Banks, businesses and industries will be unable to operate without telecommunication services, and the impact on citizens will be lethal. This is a serious matter and merits serious action by Prepa’s executive director,” Andrés stressed.

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