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Puerto Rico Ad Agencies Association suspends KOI

By on July 15, 2019

Cites ‘immoral and antiprofessional behavior’

SAN JUAN — On Monday, the Puerto Rico Association of Advertising Agencies suspended the membership of KOI advertising agency due to its president’s participation in the controversial chat messages that have rocked the administration of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares. In a press release, the association stated it will continue the process set by the bylaws for expulsion.

“We firmly reject the statements made by Mr. Edwin Miranda in his participation in the aforementioned chat. They do not represent what is expected to be the ethical and moral standards of our profession. The AAPPR has among its goals to improve and strengthen the advertising business community in Puerto Rico and to promote the highest standards of creativity and professionalism,” the association’s board said in its statement.

The group goes on to explain that Article IX of the Constitutional Statutes of the association authorizes the Board to:

“… suspend as a member of an agency if their condition changes or varies to the point of making their permanence in the Association unacceptable. For example: when a member (agency) is involved in the practice of immoral and antiprofessional behavior proven harmful to the best interests of the profession, such as: lack of professional ethics.”

While Miranda is not a member of the administration, he is close to the governor, a New Progressive Party donor, and his agency has millions in contracts with the Rosselló administration. Miranda said the agency would rescind these contracts.

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