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Puerto Rico Bar Association assesses legal basis to impeach governor

By on July 14, 2019

Report will be released publicly within 5 days

SAN JUAN – The president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association, Edgardo Román Espada, said Saturday that the entity he heads will evaluate the legal basis for the impeachment of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares.

“The events that led to the presentation of these criminal charges, where the student body of the country was defrauded and the medical services directed to the most vulnerable population was put in jeopardy, and the content of the conversations of the chat denote an inability of these officials to lead…,” Román Espada said.

Puerto Rico Bar Association President Edgardo Román Espada (Screen capture of )

The decision made Saturday by the bar’s board, Román Espada said, is due to the institution’s calling to ensure the best interests of Puerto Rico and the protection of the highest values of justice amid the debate that has arisen over the permanence of the governor in his elected position.

“The Constitution of Puerto Rico establishes a mechanism through which democratic structures allow accusing and prosecuting the governor in order to dismiss him from office. This occurs in instances in which a governor commits treason…, high crimes or misdemeanors that imply moral depravation,” he added.

The report will be ready in the next five days and will be shared publicly

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