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Puerto Rico business support network Colmena66 publishes impact report

By on April 10, 2019

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Measures new entrepreneurial ecosystem connections

SAN JUAN – Colmena66, a business support network that operates under the direction of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust and is affiliated with SourceLink, an organization established with the support of the Kauffman Foundation, announced Wednesday the results of its impact report for 2018.

The network focuses on startup assistance in areas such as business plans, mentoring, financing, and the requisite sales and marketing, while connecting and pointing entrepreneurs to support organizations, as well as government-backed programs and educational resources.

At the end of its second year, Colmena66 now has more than 200 organizations and programs in its network. The report highlights the growth of the support network for entrepreneurs and small businesses and includes key performance Indicators of projects such as Tu Camino Empresarial and Boricua Emprende Fest.

Colmena66, or C66, helps entrepreneurs find the resources they need for their businesses through the Resource Navigator and a live chat on its website,, and telephone hotline, through which its team learns about the specific needs of entrepreneurs.

The network then taps it resource partners, organizations that provide business support, to whom the entrepreneurs are referred, all while “identifying and addressing gaps” to shore up entrepreneurs’ standing, as well as facilitating access to beneficial events and workshops.

“Just as beehives serve several purposes, such as honey production and cross-pollination, Colmena66 has created an infrastructure to support, build and measure the development of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Puerto Rico. That is the basis of every initiative we develop and we are excited that we have already begun to see results,” said Denisse Rodríguez Colón, executive director of Colmena66.

The network increased its number of affiliated organizations by 20%, and reported having received more than 1,000 phone calls, and 7,443 requests through its online resource browser. Colmena66 made over 1,200 business referrals to network organizations, and published more than 1,300 events and workshops on its calendar.

“Providing the right tools to our entrepreneurs is fundamental and it is precisely through programs such as Colmena66 and its initiatives that we are achieving and bringing together such an important community to encourage, now more than ever, the economic development of our country,” Lucy Crespo, CEO of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust, a nonprofit that seeks investment to foster job creation in the knowledge economy, said in a release announcing the network’s impact report.

C66 has implemented three main initiatives: Red Colmena66 Meetups, Tu Camino Empresarial and the Boricua Emprende Fest.

Red Colmena66 Meetups gather resource partners to discuss challenges and identify solutions to address gaps in services and programs. The meetups take place across the island to ensure “a diverse range of visible access points or onramps for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and regions,” a C66 release reads.

Tu Camino Empresarial, which serves as a map for entrepreneurs and business owners with the network’s affiliate organizations. The initiative involved an event tour with stops in Mayagüez, Ponce, Gurabo and San Juan, to which more than 1,000 participants registered, and included more than 280 mentoring sessions. Some 30 business support organizations participated per event, and more than 2,000 printed copies of the map were distributed, while some 800 maps were downloaded from the website

Boricua Emprende Fest (BE Fest) will be an annual event to celebrate entrepreneurial talent, as well as serves as an educational spotlight on business development at all levels. Its first edition last month had 1,157 participants from across the island and several states. It featured 72 speakers and 32 sessions. The BE Fest facilitated expert mentoring on intellectual property, exports, business development, access to capital, development of business plans, legal matters, among others, from Parallel18, a business accelerator program that co-invests in those with potential, and Animus, an organization that holds conferences and networking events focused on professional women.

See the results of C66’s second business impact report here:

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