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Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce to host Gubernatorial Candidates Forum

By on August 17, 2020

Parties will comment on organization’s 12-point plan, present their economic proposals

SAN JUAN — To provide a platform to hear firsthand the economic proposals of each political party ahead of the elections, the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico (CCPR) will host its Gubernatorial Candidates Before the Entrepreneurs Forum on Thursday, Aug. 20, starting at 3 p.m. on Zoom platform.

During the forum, the candidates of the New Progressive Party, the Popular Democratic Party, the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (Citizen Victory Movement), the Movimiento Consciencia y Proyecto Dignidad Conscience and Dignity Project Movement will react to the “12-Point Plan to Promote Economic Activity” developed by the CCPR in its effort to foster “positive changes for Puerto Rico.”

The candidates will be asked to support and commit to implement the chamber’s plan, which covers health care, energy, permitting, taxes, small and midsize businesses, nutritional assistance, new economic sectors, manufacturing and Opportunity Zones.

The candidates will also be presented, for their reaction, the results of a public opinion survey “to find out how voters feel about these proposals for economic and social development,” the CCPR said in its press release announcing the new date for the forum.

“Puerto Rico should focus its attention on strengthening its economy,” said Juan Carlos Agosto Martínez, president of the CCPR. “For this to happen, its political leaders have to commit to the task of developing policies and programs based on a mission and competitive vision of government to foster the work, development and innovation that contribute to economic growth and sustainable social well-being.

CCPR President Juan Carlos Agosto Martínez (Courtesy)

Entrepreneur Manuel Cidre, who ran as an independent candidate for governor in the 2016 elections, will serve as forum moderator.

“The difficult economic conditions that are developing pose significant challenges, as well as opportunities. As a people, and as a private sector and engine of our economy, we cannot overlook this opportunity to combine [people’s] wills to adopt courses of action that favor our greater collective well-being,” Martínez said.

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