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Puerto Rico Comic Con turns 15

By on February 27, 2017

Puerto_Rico_Comic_Con_2016SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Comic Con (PRCC) will celebrate its 15th anniversary as one of the region’s top entertainment events.

On May 26-28, the Puerto Rico Convention Center will be the venue for guests from all areas of the entertainment industry, as well as for a cosplay competition in which people from all over the world surprise with how they dress up as characters from movies, books and video games. Also, a specialized video game conference will be going on at the same time.

Ricardo Carrión, the show’s executive producer, expects this year’s event to be the largest yet, saying attendance has grown almost 20% year-to-year since 2012, with almost 50,000 people enjoying last year’s show.

According to a release, retailers and exhibitors from Japan, Hong Kong, California, Illinois, Costa Rica, México, Panama, and other places will be participating at the convention’s more than 120,000-square-feet showroom floor.

“The island is a point of convergence of U.S. and Latin American culture, resulting in fans that are highly knowledgeable of, and passionate about, pop culture trends worldwide. As such, we are voracious consumers of all things geek. Despite global economic trends, Puerto Ricans still rank among the top spenders in entertainment, especially film, videogames, anime and manga, comics, all manner of collectibles, and more,” Carrión said in the statement.

The PRCC production team is currently working with retailers and exhibitors with merchandise shipping, retailer permits and taxes ahead of the late-May weekend event.

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