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Puerto Rico CPA Society to hold forum on export support 

By on August 2, 2018

SAN JUAN – The president of the Puerto Rico Society of CPAs (CCPAPR by its SPanish initials), Ramón Ponte, announced that the association will carry out and host a forum Aug. 17 on “Exporting Products and Services.”

The society will hold the event at its headquarters in San Juan’s Capital Center Building, and it will feature Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González as keynote speaker. The forum is aimed at examining business opportunities and “the effect of our commercial activity” abroad, the association said in its news release.

“The current trend in business is to look beyond borders, which in marketing translates to the export of products and services. In this forum we will explore those opportunities; for that reason, we adopted the theme: Growing without Borders. The Society of CPAs has the responsibility to provide ideas, concepts and the necessary training for our professionals to assist Puerto Rican business people and investors in the execution of the best economic development strategies on the Island,” Ponte said.

As part of the forum, the discussion will focus on how to determine a potential market when exporting products and services; the scope of Act 20 of 2012, known as the Export Services Act; and the resident commissioner’s measures that aim at promoting the export of products and services.

“We invite all those who wish to evaluate the impact of exports on the local economy. The forum will give us the opportunity to see the initiatives of various entities to guide and promote exports, and above all, to learn about their success stories,” Ponte said.

The society’s president-elect, Cecilia Colón, added that economic development in Puerto Rico will depend largely on the island’s ability to generate commercial and industrial movement both within and abroad.

“That is the fundamental reason for this effort. During this forum, we take a look at the strategies of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, as well as of the Trade & Export Co. [CCE by its Spanish initials], to stimulate the Island’s commercial activity.”

Ponte also assured that forum participants will then be able to describe the benefits and opportunities for entities interested in exporting professional services, and will be able to design their own guide to evaluate their performance outside of Puerto Rico.

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