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Puerto Rico Democratic Party active in DNC

By on February 23, 2017

The current leadership of the Puerto Rico Democratic Party (PRDP), headed by former Senate president Charlie Rodríguez, is currently in Atlanta crediting and participating in the Democratic National Convention (DNC), despite being impugned on Wednesday by the party’s commonwealth advocates.

Rodríguez lamented the opposition to his election on behalf of Popular Democratic Party (PDP) members in the party, which he deemed a media spectacle to overshadow the group’s activities in the DNC.

Yesterday tensions flared between PDP and New Progressive Party (NPP) members, as 22 out of 42 members of the PRDP’s Central Committee annulled Rodríguez’s election as the party’s president, as well as Ponce mayor María ‘Mayita’ Meléndez as National Committeewoman, both of whom were elected on February 7.

As head of the PRDP, Rodríguez has the right to vote for the new DNC president, as well as Vice President Johanne Vélez, Meléndez, and National Committeeman Luis Dávila Pernas.

“We gathered here in the convention and we are properly credited to vote for the new DNC president,” said Rodríguez as he dismissed arguments of the opposition to his election.

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Faced with criticism on behalf of PDP members in his party, Rodríguez took the opportunity to defend the legality surrounding his and other officials’ election as party leaders. PDP members argued that the election took place without following party guidelines regarding the voting process, which is why they selected Sen. José Nadal Power as interim president of the party until they convene again in the following weeks.

However, Rodríguez affirmed PDP group members “don’t have the faculty to self-convene,” as he added that “they will have to wait until 2020 for mandatory restructure.”


During yesterday’s meeting, the PDP collective in the PDRP was comprised of Senate Minority Whip Eduardo Bhatia; Nadal Power; Antonio Colorado; José Alfredo Hernández Mayoral; Eudaldo Báez Galib; Ramón Lopez de Azúa; Celeste Benítez; Ada Conde; Pedro Peters Maldonado; House Minority Whip Rafael “Tatito” Hernández; Melissa Marzán; Pierina Ortíz; Ada Álvarez; and Víctor Vassallo.

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