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Puerto Rico export services law amended

By on May 19, 2017

The House of Representatives approved amending Act 20, which promotes the export of services, to include medical tourism and telemedicine facilities. (Limarys Suárez / CB)

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico House of Representatives approved Friday amending export services’ Act 20 to include medical tourism and telemedicine facilities among those eligible to receive tax incentives.

According to the positive report of House Bill 878 amending Act 20, medical tourism and telemedicine facilities were included “to allow foreign or local investment to have an incentive to develop in Puerto Rico an economic component predicated on the export of medical services.”

“This, together with the medical incentives approved under Act 14, will enable our doctors to expand their services in this area and decide to remain in Puerto Rico, not only to provide health care for Puerto Ricans, but also to export their services to the world, contributing to our economic development,” reads the report signed by both the Treasury and Healthcare committees headed by Antonio “Tony” Soto and Juan Morales, respectively.

The pass-through measure eliminates the requirement for incentive applicants to create at least five direct jobs in their business.

“Eliminating this requirement makes the measure more attractive and less costly for businesses, promoting the expansion of their services over time,” the bill’s report adds adds.

The lower chamber also approved H.B. 477, authored by Rep. June Rivera Ortega, which orders the Department of Education to design and integrate a curriculum for students that educates them about health conditions or developmental disorders that affect special education students.

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