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Puerto Rico gov says he will do whatever it takes to avoid cutting pensions

By on May 22, 2019


Urges fiscal board to evaluate budget he already submitted to legislature

ARECIBO, Puerto Rico — Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares said Wednesday that he will protect his right to implement public policy to avoid cutting the pensions of public employees established by the fiscal oversight board.

“Because they try to impose public policy by carrying out their initiatives based on the budget. I invite the board to evaluate the budget that we will be submitting and that we have already submitted to the Legislative Assembly,” Rosselló Nevares said in a press conference.

“We are going to take them to the last consequences and to all the forums,” he added.

Rosselló Nevares said that if there are no agreements on the budget, “the rules of the game change a bit.”

“I don’t believe that if we want to make changes and transformations, if we want to implement things like the Earned Income Tax Credit that they themselves made viable, then we will be on a budget from last year and implement it. The solution is easy, that they do their work. They have determined that there is a cap, great. And we are going to determine with the Legislative Assembly where that capital is invested, and we hope, once again, that those wishes will be respected but if not, we will be using the resources we have at our disposal,” he concluded.

The governor made the remarks after enacting the Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Act of Puerto Rico, which establishes a public policy with goals, metrics and dates of compliance to address the global variation of climate.

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