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Puerto Rico gov says this fiscal year’s budget will be ‘a legacy’

By on April 11, 2019


Wants to have ‘an open public policy conversation about what our people want to invest in’

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Thursday that the budget for this fiscal year will focus on public policy.

“That will allow us to go into why there are cuts on one side and increases on another. If not, what happens is the conversation becomes sterile. That if someone is asked if X agency is a priority for you and someone is going to say yes. And then it is as much a discussion that doesn’t take us anywhere,” the governor said at a press conference.

“There are limited resources here and the government operates on the basis of priorities. This government has these priorities; the opposition can say it has these other priorities, but we can have the discussion instead of saying that everything is a priority. This is the great added value that is being done with this budget,” he added.

The governor said that in previous budgets, initiatives were announced and included in the budget, but did not necessarily have funds allocated.

“The change we want to make in the budget, I think is one of the great legacies we are going to be leaving, to have an open public policy conversation about what our people want to invest in,” he said.

Regarding criticism from House minority Popular Democratic Party representatives that combined items be detailed, he replied that the document was written that way to comply with the requirements of the island’s financial oversight board.

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