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Puerto Rico governor announces appointments for his office

By on January 8, 2019

SAN JUAN – Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares announced the appointment Tuesday of three new secretaries to fill several positions at the Governor’s Office, La Fortaleza.

The current executive director of the Ports Authority, Anthony Maceira Zayas, will be the new secretary of Public Affairs and lawyer Philippe Mesa Pabón will be the secretary of Public Policy. In addition, Dennise Pérez was appointed as press secretary of La Fortaleza.

“It is a great satisfaction for me to add three talents to our team, such as the ones we announce today, who will be entrusted with ensuring the effectiveness of our communications and the agile implementation of our public policy,” the governor said in a statement.

With these appointments, the governor has divided the tasks of public affairs and public policy ‘to ensure that they meet the metrics of this stage” of his administration.

“This year will be one of execution of the policy that we have put on track in different areas such as electricity, education, health and government reorganizations, among others. It is important for this stage to have two resources, such as Maceira and Mesa, responsible for each aspect of that implementation and its communication to the People,” the governor added.

Maceira Zayas has served as executive director of the Ports Authority, a position from which he “achieved addressing and executing matters both locally and federally,” the release reads. Previously, he was a lawyer in private practice and a legislative adviser in the Senate.

“I thank the governor for the trust he has extended me to assist from this new phase of execution what I have believed faithfully since day one. Decisive years await us that will be the basis of what the future of Puerto Rico will be, and as a Government, it is important that we can communicate it at all levels. Very honored, but above all committed,” La Fortaleza’s new secretary of Public Affairs said.

Mesa Pabón graduated from the University of Florida, headed the Office of House of Representatives Advisors and was the legislative adviser to former Gov. Luis Fortuño. Subsequently, Mesa Pabón served as state prosecutor at the Department of Justice and as a federal prosecutor in the arms task force. For the past two years, he has served as deputy secretary of the Office of Public Affairs and Public Policy of La Fortaleza.

“I am honored to continue collaborating with the legislative agenda of the governor, now as Secretary of Public Policy. I will continue working tirelessly to continue promoting the ambitious agenda that the chief executive promised the People,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dennise Pérez studied at the School of Public Communications of the University of Puerto Rico and has a 22-year career in media consulting. She was a reporter and Information Chief at the El Vocero newspaper, and covered La Fortaleza under the administrations of former Govs. Pedro Rosselló González, Sila Calderón and Aníbal Acevedo Vilá.

Pérez was President Barack Obama’s press secretary during his primary campaign in Puerto Rico in 2008 and was the press secretary of former Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi for 10 years.

“Under her leadership, the Office of the Resident Commissioner twice received the award for the best office in the entire Congress to communicate with its constituents,” La Fortaleza said.

“I accept the invitation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló to contribute to Puerto Rico from the Press Office. In complicated times like the ones Puerto Rico is living, it is vital to communicate effectively what is being done, and that is my commitment. With the press, my greatest commitment to be a facilitator of information, as I always have been, with the utmost respect and collaboration,” the governor’s new press secretary said.

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