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Puerto Rico Governor announces referendum’s outcome in Washington

By on June 15, 2017

SAN JUAN  – The governor of Puerto Rico held a press conference Thursday to present to the U.S. Congress the results of the June 11 plebiscite on Puerto Rico’s political status. In the referendum, 97 percent of voters, or more than 500,000 residents, chose statehood as their preferred status.

Rosselló was joined by Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marín, as well as U.S. Reps. Don Young (R-Alaska) and Darren Soto (D-Florida), who led an observation delegation formed at the request of the Puerto Rico Department of State. The observers will be delivering an official report that will be entered into the congressional record.

The governor and Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González delivered the results to the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the Organization of American States (OAS).

“As part of the democratic exercise of this past Sunday on our Island, we are making sure today that Congress and other international bodies, like the OAS, receive the message that the people of Puerto Rico are claiming their equal rights as American citizens. It will be up to this new generation of Puerto Ricans to demand and claim the end of the current improper colonial relationship, and begin a transition process to fully incorporate Puerto Rico as the next state of the Union,” Rosselló is quoted in a release issued by the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration.

“A majority of Puerto Ricans support equality in permanent union with the United States and on Sunday that was ratified for the second time. A new generation now marches to have Puerto Rico join as a state, under the same principles and values that define us all as American Citizens. Now the responsibility to allow for the Island’s admission process is in the hands of Congress. The time has come for equality for Puerto Rico, for our veterans who have served courageously, and all who live there,” Resident Commissioner González added.

Puerto Rico governor heads to DC to announce referendum results



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