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Puerto Rico governor heads to DC to try to lessen impact of tax reform

By on January 9, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló flew Monday evening to Washington, D.C., to continue pushing for the supplementary disaster aid package as well as the trying to lessen the impact of the approved federal tax reform on the island.

The governor will also visit Orlando on Frida to hold a town hall meeting with Puerto Ricans who reside in that state. He intends to raise awareness of the importance of Puerto Ricans participating in U.S. politics with the aim of obtaining fair treatment for Puerto Ricans.

Puerto Rico Senate passes resolution to create federal affairs office in Washington

The governor recently said he would seek for the Puerto Rican stateside community to become politically involved in the 2018 congressional mid-term elections. Rosselló assured that “we will be involved” in the electoral process of every seat in the U.S. House and some in the Senate, “to let know there are consequences” when legislation fails to include the needs of Puerto Rico.

The governor made headlines when revealing he intends to steer Puerto Ricans away from voting for U.S. legislators who ignored the island’s interests and voted in favor of the GOP tax bill. The approved reform, the Rosselló administration said, will have an impact on 50 percent of Puerto Rico’s gross national product, 30 percent of government revenue and on more than 250,000 jobs.

Secretary of State Luis G. Rivera will serve as interim governor until Rosselló returns on Jan. 14.

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