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Puerto Rico Governor’s Office announces search for inspector general

By on January 12, 2018

SAN JUAN – The Office of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, La Fortaleza, announced late Thursday that it began accepting applications for the position of inspector general, and is looking for “an experienced candidate to fill the job, with the purpose of ensuring that governmental institutions provide quality services to the general public.”

The post entails “preparing recommendations that promote economy and efficiency in public administration,” and is expected to help “root out waste, fraud, and abuse so that Puerto Ricans can trust that their tax dollars are being spent wisely and effectively.”

“We are looking for an experienced, qualified candidate who be a trusted partner in helping us achieve our goals,” Rosselló says in the published announcement.

Governor seeks global hiring process for Puerto Rico inspector general

According to the release, the responsibilities of the Office of the Inspector General of Puerto Rico include: “strengthening the government’s prevention, inspection, investigation and audit mechanisms; […] performing audits and providing advisory services to government entities in order to achieve optimal levels of economy, efficiency and effectiveness of administrative systems and the management of risks, controls and direction; […] attaining, with the highest possible levels of security, accurate information.”

Applicable candidates, La Fortaleza said, should “possess ample knowledge of audits, administration, public administration, and government management. They must be at least thirty (30) years old, and have a recognized professional capacity and moral probity. If the position is accepted, the candidate must be willing to move to San Juan, Puerto Rico if they do not already reside there. Fluency in Spanish required.”

Interested candidates are required to submit, along with a resume, a list of the degrees and licenses obtained and a summary of relevant experience for the position, including the entity for which they worked, positions, employment period, and a description of work performed.

A brief description of any potential conflict of interest, “even if such conflict may be remote,” to serving the position, “including a description of any work that you, or any entity for which you have worked, may have completed for the Government of Puerto Rico or its instrumentalities. Please indicate if this work is ongoing, or if it has been completed, please indicate the date of completion for such work,” the release reads.

In addition, contact information of at least two “relevant references for the responsibilities of the position” and a brief description of the work performed for said references, must be included in the application.

The Office of the Inspector General was created in February last year.


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